Archive project, 2013 – 2016

MOVE W I T H (OUT) is a travelling project which began in 2013, curated by Something Human, that questions the notions of “home”. Addressing an increasingly unstable global economic landscape, the exhibition and site specific live art intervention have been exploring the ambivalent relationships between the interior and the exterior that plays out over issues such as identity, borders and migration, belonging and longing, and the tensions of navigating between the different spheres.

Since its inception, the nomadic project MOVE W I T H (OUT) has been crossing borders, instigated by an urge to re-enact what Susan Hapgood describes as the “curatorial crabwalk” involved in travelling exhibitions (Susan Hapgood, 2013). With its pop-up trunk exhibition and site-specific performances along public routes, the project has been working on the intersections of visual, live and community art while mapping public city spaces and networks in cities among which include Venice, Belgrade, Singapore, Budapest, Skopje and Lisbon.

With reflections on the notions of home, identity and migration central to the enquiry, the project was continually developed through processes of making site-specific performance and cultural and creative exchanges with local networks of artists, organisations and interlocutors, to generate new, cross-border connections. These iterations saw a range of diverse artistic responses with thoughtful and provocative contextual critiques, which were carried through with MOVE W I T H (OUT)’s ongoing journey building an intangible discussion between each city and participating artists, while at the same time shaping and reshaping the project and its direction. Each street, each interaction, each conversation, each artwork and site-specific live performance, became part of a broader on-going conversation on mobility, public and private spaces, and art’s power to disentangle feelings and express both personal and communal relations with spaces.

With its insistent and continuous crossing of borders while weaving this tenuous yet resistant network between the European and Asian art scenes, between live and visual artists, their cities and its people, MOVE W I T H (OUT) has been experiencing what political theorist Sandro Mezzadra calls the ‘productive power of borders’ and their role in the fabrication of the world as a centre of contemporary experience (Mezzadra and Neilson, 2013). Whereby borders have become a crucial site for political research and artistic practice, MOVE W I T H (OUT) has been living in these uncomfortable places that are borders, with their capacity to both connect and divide, being ‘sites of confrontation, contact, blocking, and passage’, and such that instances of crisis are often present in this coexistence of ‘overlaps, continuities, ruptures, and commonalities’(Mezzadra and Neilson, 2013).

ARTISTS: Zsuzsa Bakonyi (Hungary) | Sarah Choo Jing (Singapore) | John Clang (Singapore) | Mauro De Giorgi (Italy) | Adolfina De Stefani (Italy) | Nina Feldman (South Africa) | Valerie Grove (UK) | Howard Hardiman (UK) | The Huddle (UK) | Gloria Houng (US) | Andrea Inocencio (Portugal) | The Light Surgeons (UK) | Marija Milosevska (Macedonia) | Jakrawal Nilthamrong (Thailand) | Bill Psarras (Greece) | Ana Rodic (Serbia) | Carlo Michele Schirinzi (Italy) | Shakinart (Italy) | Samin Son (Korea – New Zealand) | Malvina Tan (Singapore) | Ines Von Bonhurst (Portugal) | Jason Wee (Singapore)

With thanks to previous contributing artists (Berlin, London and Rome stops): Caroline Christie and Bobby LloydYingmei DuanAmanda GutierrezGourmandizing London, Lucia Lopez, Penzo + FioreHelen Omand, Clemens Von Wedemeyer.

The MOVE W I T H (OUT) journey:

#1 Berlin          7th June 2013, Kreuzberg, in collaboration with G30.

#2 London    15th June 2013, Deptford, Enclave Block Party | 22nd June 2013, Brockley, Midsummer Fayre

#3 Rome         13th July 2013, in collaboration with Galleria D’arte Vista

#4 Venice        23rd and 24th November 2013, in collaboration with 3D Gallery and Officina delle Zattere

#5 Belgrade    30th November 2013, in collaboration with Remont Gallery

#6 Singapore    18th January 2014, in collaboration with The Arts HouseSculpture Square and Aliwal Arts Centre, in conjunction with Art Week 2014

#7 Budapest     21st November 2014, in collaboration with FFS, Studio of Young Photographers Hungary

#8 Skopje   10th September 2015, in collaboration with Dominium Cultural Hub

#9 Lisbon    26th September 2015, in collaboration with Magma Collective, Roundabout LX, and Largo Recidencias

#10 Nottingham  11th November 2016, in collaboration with Little Wolf Parade and Bonington Gallery

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