Arte Político Degenerado. Protocolo Ético


activism, autonomous economy, Spain 2014

by Nuria Güell & Levi Orta

Political Degenerate Art. Ethical Protocol
After creating a company in a tax haven, we granted the management of our company -with all associated advantages- to a group of activists that were in the process of developing a project of an autonomous society outside of capitalist dynamics. This company allowed its beneficiaries to evade the regulations imposed by states, as well as the control of the ECB and the IMF, challenging the monopoly of the financial system and thus, facilitating a free operation for the development of an autonomous economy.

Given this action, we organized a series of debates with several critical thinkers and specialists who have developed their work from different knowledge perspectives and political action. The conversation was presented as a justification to rethink – from a philosophical, economical, ethical, political, activist and artistic view – the implicit contradiction in replicating capitalist strategies in order to build anti-capitalist social dynamics.