Archive of Future Commons


archive, 2016

Something Human x Post-Museum

It is recognised that we are living in the Anthropocene, and the Sixth Extinction is inevitable. We are looking at a future of sea level rises, unpredictable weather, pandemics, food and water scarcity, refugees, and increased conflicts around the world. Archive of Future Commons is a response to this general state of the world, and specifically to the collapse of economy within 15 years (by 2030)1, and the collapse of society by 20402. Faced with the abyss, it is pertinent that we begin now to rethink critically and act courageously in ways which seek to delay and decrease the negative outcomes of this downward spiral. We need to begin to rebuild society today.

Archive of Future Commons seeks to gather publications related to thoughts, practices and movements which could inspire change and contribute to the creation of a better collective future. The Archive is a central depository of past and new knowledge of how we can work together to create a better society.

The Archive comprises publications collected from around the world, and will be in English as well as various other languages. The Archive will be on display and accessible to the public on various occasions.

1 Strauss, Mark. April 2012, “Looking Back on the Limits of Growth”, Smithsonian Mag [online] available at

2 Ahmed, Nafeez. 19 June 2015, “Scientific model supported by UK Government Taskforce flags risk of civilisation’s collapse by 2040”, Insurge Intelligence [online] available at

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