Raju Rage

Raju Rage is an interdisciplinary artist who is proactive about carving space and  using art and activism to forge creative survival.

Based in London and working beyond, they are interested in the role of art in social change as well as art and everyday lives. They are focused on knowledge and creative production both inside but mostly outside of academia and institutions, within pro/active creative and activist communities.

Raju Rage’s work interrogates the ways in which history and memory, in/visibility and the affect of politics, space, symbolism, stereotypes, ethnic codes, ideology and gazes impact the body, with a focus on  race, class and gender.

They work in live art, performance, soundscapes and moving image, focusing on de-con-structive techniques of resistance such as interruption, confusion, disturbance. They primarily use their non-conforming body as a vehicle of assemblage and embodiment.

They are an organiser and member of Collective Creativity arts collective.

Raju Rage continues to be a creative educator, working for over a decade in creative education with an interest in radical pedagogy.

Images by Emlyn Rojas