Nuria Güell & Levi Orta

Núria Güell’s artistic practice consists of analysing how power structures affect our subjectivity and submit it to law and hegemonic morals. In her work, she flirts with established powers and collaborates with different allies. She plays with institutional privilege, and uses the social condition of being a white, Spanish European woman as a tool to investigate certain political concerns. Güell’s tactics merge with her own life experiences, and she uses them in certain contexts to question common identifications and disrupt power relations.

A graduate in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona (Spain), she studied at the Cátedra Arte de Conducta in Habana, Cuba, under Tania Bruguera’s guidance. Her work has been exhibited in biennials, museums and institutions across Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, Middle East and USA. Her work has also been presented in various solo and group shows, all in 2016, including The Soul of Money, at DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague; Bread and Roses at MOMA Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, Poland; A Certain Urge (Towards Turmoil) at Elisabeth Foundation Project Space (NY, USA). She has displayed her works individually at Dublin’s Project Arts Centre, Ireland; at Brut Konzerthaus in Wien, Austria, and Habana, Cuba. Her presence is common at Spanish centers and institutions. She has won a number of awards and scholarships, such as Premi GAC (2014), creation prize INJUVE (Madrid), Barcelona’s Miquel Casablancas and the creation scholarship Guasch Coranty. She has also been a winner of the Generación 2016 prize given by La Casa Encendida, Madrid.

Levi Orta´s works explores the creative component of politics, focusing on the inaccuracies of the art-political boundary. He reproduces mechanisms, strategies and behavior of political-artistic situations that have been filed, thus highlighting its most subversive undertone; always from a cynical stance that threatens the hegemonic.

Graduated from the Instituto Superior de Arte of Havana in 2010 and from Cathedra Arte de Conducta in 2009, he is currently part of the Home Work Program of Ashkal Alwan in Beirut. Levi’s solo exhibitions include the Servando Art Gallery, Fonderie Darling, Ludwig Foundation and Salle Zero. He has participated in multiple biennials including the Havana Biennial, Pontevedra, Liverpool, Mercosul and The Frontiers. In recent years, Orta has participated in exhibitions in several countries like Germany, Austria, EEUU, Spain, France, Israel, Brasil, Mexico, Canada, Croatia, United Kingdom, China, Japan and Cuba.