Marija Milosevska

Marija Milosevska was born in 1982 in Skopje. After completing studies in ethnology and anthropology, she focused on studying and conveying the process of filigree technique through various media. In 2009 she had her first performance with  filigree technique. The process of bringing to life is the key association and inspiration, starting from the permanence of the matter, through enlivening form and content, to the very end, when the work of art lives and possesses love and energy. In 2011, she promoted her first independent exhibit of filigree jewelry and installations “OROROK – cold wire molten into hot rhythm”, inspired by ex-Yugoslavian rock music. The exhibit, in addition to Skopje, was also presented in Rijeka, Gevgelija and Ljubljana. In 2012, Marija had two more performances of the filigree technique, in Skopje and in Vienna. That year she promoted her first documentary “Silver Song”, which was presented at numerous festivals outside Macedonia. The past four years she has been part of the team for documentary rock films festival “DORF” in Vinkovci, Croatia, as the designer of the awards for best film. She is currently attending the master program of cultural studies at the Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities and is working on her research of the creative industries. In September 2015 she was preparing the performance in Skopje on the topic “Home, migration, identity” in cooperation with the curator collective “Something Human” from London.