John Clang

John Clang is a visual artist working in photography and film. His photographs examine and raise questions of the world he lives in, providing not pictorial documentation but an intimate mental reflection of one man’s mind. Clang’s first exhibition, at age 20, was a duo-show at the controversial (and now defunct) Singapore art group 5th Passage Artists. He has since participated in numerous solo & group exhibitions internationally. In 2013, a showcase of over 90 works by Clang was exhibited at the National Museum of Singapore. His artwork is also in the permanent collection of museums and private collectors from around the world. Clang lives and works in New York and Singapore.




Artist Statement

The commonplaces attract me—I resonate with subject matters closely related to my daily life. I often dwell upon urban and contemporary themes and landscapes; be it estrangement and intimacy in an urban space or our sense of identity and place in this world.

My images express an organic and poetic response to the nuanced shifts in my environment. My oeuvre reads like a visual diary, documenting my personal growth and critical thinking processes. The deeply personal also occupies my work. Many of my series narrate my inner landscape and narrative of emotional conflicts, specifically the themes of memory, identity, longing and alienation.

Ultimately, I aim to create timeless pieces that will resonate with others and me; creations that give me the adrenaline rush from start to end and inspire me to more creating. Constantly interrogating myself and others via these reflective images, I relish raising questions more than giving neat answers.

An image that inspires is one that brings us face to face with our own existence. It pulls the stranger standing next to us into the intimate radius of our life. It collapses the beauty and strangeness around us into one. It connects. A good photograph does all these.